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Validate and measure the user experience

The Solvers User Experience (UX) Audit is a digital solution evaluation program used to validate and measure the effectiveness of digital designs and experiences. Our UX Audit combines a thorough UX expert review process and our unique user-perception-based analysis score, known as S.core. Together, the two generate total scores that provide the information needed to meaningfully support design and business decision-making, as well as accelerate business and solution development efforts.

Graph showing how Solvers uses UX Design Audits to measure the user experience
Graph showing how Solvers uses UX Design Audits to measure the user experience


At Solvers, we recognize the importance of ensuring all solutions are usable. However, our experience shows that usability alone does not mean a solution will be successful. We developed S.core as our unique approach to usability testing. S.core allows us to test for usability, findability, desirability, credibility, comprehension and promotion. As a result, S.core is a comprehensive evaluation that can help predict the success of the experiences we are designing. You can learn more about S.core here.

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Improving user experience with the Solvers UX Audit

We audit prototypes, proofs of concept, market-ready products and existing solutions. During the audit process, we conduct tests with real target users. We generate a comprehensive report highlighting the users’ feedback, expert analysis, recommended next steps and S.core. S.core acts as a benchmark to ensure future efforts are truthfully improving the user experience. In addition to S.core, a full audit consists of a thorough heuristic evaluation examining over 34 data points based on user experience and visual design principles as well as industry best practices. Together they form an objective picture that reveal elements such as:


The ease with which the user can grasp how a solution is organised and find what they are looking for


The degree of confidence the experience inspires for the user


The ease with which a user can understand and accomplish tasks the first time they encounter the experience


The degree to which the experience helps the user to interact with a solution and accomplish their goals without getting stuck


A user-reported measure that indicates how well the experience met expectations


The degree to which the visual design system effectively supports the intendant objectives of the solution

Learn more about the Solvers UX Audit

Digital designs should evoke an emotional response in users, but in business, it should respond to tangible needs in a measurable way. We use this audit process to help our trusted partners keep their digital solutions current and relevant to users. If you would like to learn how our UX audit can help improve your digital solution or inquire of our next availability for audit contact us today.

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