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What is product design?

Product design is in many ways a confusing term. The confusion may come from the definition of what falls under the process of designing a product. It's a complex and holistic process that involves activities related to the actual product build as well as the processes surrounding the product.

Close up of desk with mac computer, wireframes and design concepts

Product design deals with the problem of getting a functioning solution to real users. It requires many competencies, spread over many work streams to accomplish this goal. It is a collaborative process involving UX, UI, development and marketing teams - each having a crucial role in the definition of a solution's success. From developing the vision and conducting customer interviews to the beta testing programs and live updates, product design remains to be the core of solution success.

Two major aspects are defining the success of the design process - customer satisfaction and achieving business goals. Together with our customers, we at Solvers have developed an advanced methodology for successful product designs.

Solvers Design Process

The Solvers Design Process is a user-centered approach that allows us to facilitate the problem-to-solution journey and tackle business and design problems in meaningful and manageable steps. Based on the principles of Design Thinking, our design process consists of fives steps, each with its own set of tasks and deliverables.

1. Problem Definition

We consider this step of the design process the “soul” of the project, it’s a foundation upon which a complete design solution is built. During this step, we define user personas, identify their problems and clearly articulate the problem.

2. Research

During the research phase, we gather evidence of the problem and have users validate the need for the solution. We thoroughly validate whether there is a need for the solution because no matter how great the design of a product or service is, if the users don’t need it, it will not survive. The insights discovered during this step are used to facilitate the next phase.

3. Exploration

Exploration helps us to discover all possible roads to the solution. It’s an essential part of the process where the innovation happens. The outcome of this step is the minimum viable product (MVP) scope document that we use to design and test against.

4. Design & Prototype

During this step we design an interactive prototype that helps to validate and communicate the solution to a broader audience. We believe that one prototype is worth more than a thousand meetings as it provides us with something tangible to work with. The design and testing (steps 4 and 5) form a loop that continues until the solution is approved by the users. You can learn more about how we use digital prototyping here.

5. Testing

Our core mission is not just to create experiences that users need, but to ensure the solutions actually work. To do this we use user testing. During user testing, we use the Solvers Score (S.core), our unique way of measuring the user experience of solutions, to determine the impact of the design.

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UX Design

Our UX designers are dedicated to ensuring that your users have the best possible experience when using your website or app. From the problem definition phase to user experience research and straight through to digital prototyping and testing, our UX designers keep your users at the forefront of the entire design process.

Four frames of a Solvers fintech app design

UI Design

By keeping your user’s needs, wants and pain points in mind, our UI designers are able to create functional, intuitive and beautiful user interfaces. When designing user interfaces our designers consider how each detail with enhance the user experience, paying close attention to details such as typography and navigation.

Interaction Design

At Solvers, we use interaction design to take our design prototypes even further than tap and click. We seek to find the most seamless way for users to complete the tasks within the prototype using a combination of visual design, motion, sound, space and gesture.

Close up of macbook with illustrations for Solvers website

Visual Design

We use visual design to establish the look and feel of websites, apps, wearables and more. We work hard to ensure our designs are consistent with your company’s style and voice, but we never lose sight of the users' needs. As a result, our solutions aren’t just beautiful, they offer great user experiences, too.

Yellow, blue and white branding for one of Solver’s fintech clients


We want your solutions to be easily recognized by users. To do this we ensure that you are communicating your message clearly with branding, digital style guidelines and content style guidelines.

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