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Solvers recognises the importance of quantifying the user experience in order to meaningfully support design and business decision making. Both our user-perception-based analysis (S.core) and UX expert review process generate total scores helping accelerate business and product development efforts. This comprehensive combined assessment process helps validate and measure the effectiveness of digital designs and experiences.


Designers shooting for usable is like a chef shooting for edible.

— Arron Walter

We developed S.core to bridge gaps in most common industry usability studies that primarily examine technicalities in design. Solutions can be found usable, but does it mean the experience using them is enjoyable? Does it mean users will return to the solution? Usability alone, as important as it is, doesn’t provide the full story. Aaron Walter, author of Design for Emotion, once said that "Designers shooting for usable is like a chef shooting for edible." Of course, solutions can function very well but will users find them credible to begin with, have the desire to use them, and most importantly have a memorable experience that promotes repeat use?



S.core is Solvers proprietary process of measuring digital experiences from a users perspective. This process generates a total score positioning digital products on a quality scale. The S.core helps predict digital products performance, success, and achievements. We evaluate independently several data points and later bring everything together into a total score.

We S.core

How easy a user found it to use
How easy a user found the core experiences/features
How much a user wants the solution
How much confidence the experience inspires for the user
Did the user understand the value prop
How willing a customer is to promote this solution or experience to a family or friend

User experience and design audit

A digital solution evaluation combining a thorough expert review and S.core. We audit prototypes, proof of concept, market-ready products, and existing live solutions. As part of the audit process, we conduct tests with real target users. We generate a comprehensive report which highlights users feedback, expert analysis, recommended next steps, and S.core which acts as a benchmark to ensure future efforts are truthfully improving the user experience. In addition to S.core, a full audit also consists of a thorough heuristic evaluation examining over 34 data points based on user experience and visual design principles and industry best practices. Together they form an objective picture that reveal elements such as:

The ease with which the user can grasp how a solution is organised and find what they are looking for
The degree of confidence the experience inspires for the user
The ease with which a user can understand and accomplish tasks the first time they encounter the experience
The degree to which the experience helps the user to interact with a solution and accomplish their goals without getting stuck
A user-reported measure that indicates how well the experience met expectations
The degree to which the visual design system effectively supports the intendant objectives of the solution

Digital designs should evoke an emotional response in users, but in business, it should respond to tangible needs in a measurable way. We use this audit process to help our trusted partners keep their digital solutions current and relevant to users. If you would like to learn how our UX audit process can help you improve the experience of your digital product and inquire of our next availability for audit contact us today.

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