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Kirk Donohoe
/ Solvers CEO
Solvers works with companies who want to take brave steps in digital design. We collaborate to take you from idea to prototype, from beta to launch, or from a finished product to a better one. We move quickly from project quote to kickoff, with a clear scope and a dedicated, dependable team designing directly for your customers. And we deliver on time.

Case studies
Solvers have designed for clients including British Airways, Mastercard, and Loblaws.

Validation as a service

We test early and often, from low-fidelity concepts to rich interfaces and prototypes that behave like real products. Because 70% of projects fail only after huge budgets have been spent, we use continuous validation to make sure we stay in touch with what real people want. Solvers can work with you to take a new idea from concept to working prototype or market-ready launch, or we can improve an existing experience.

70% of projects fail only after huge budgets have been spent

Customer-approved digital design

Every dollar invested in UX can bring you between $2 and $100 in return. Over time, great customer experiences can change people’s daily lives, and the companies behind them can become market challengers. But you don’t drive transformation by firing in the dark. That’s why we let your users guide us every step of the way. They get a great experience, and you get clarity about the market, your customers, and where to put your next resources.
Every dollar invested in UX brings you up to $100 in return

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