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Get a flexible team of thoughtful designers and developers

Solvers has a team of over 30 top experience designers and developers based in Dublin, London, Prague, Toronto, New York and remotely around the world. Solvers come from corporate, startup, and creative backgrounds, and that’s on purpose. Although, we are a diverse team we all share a passion for delivering meaningful solutions that people love. That's why everyone on the team believes in the mission of design thinking. Each of us knows that design is about having a problem-focused mindset, not just an aesthetically exciting output.

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Our passion for design thinking makes everyone on the team a designer. We are all designers because each of us is part of making experiences come to life.

What makes a Solver?

We’re a front-end team with deep knowledge and a keen awareness of the heavy lifting that needs to be done for new ideas to gain acceptance. It’s important for us to work at the edges of our creative capabilities, but also keep our client’s business needs in focus. While validating the user experience of solutions and ideas is the core of what we do, we also understand that our clients have to navigate complex internal environments and compliance-heavy industries. That's why, while we design using a user-centered approach, we never lose sight of our client's business needs.

It’s important for us to work at the edges of our creative capabilities

Become a Solver

We aren’t an agency in the traditional sense, but we take care of our team like one. We love to work with curious, thoughtful designers and developers who see emotional intelligence as a professional quality that matters as much as the rest of the toolkit. We pay great salaries and offer professional development budgets because we can only grow as a company if we make space for each Solver to grow and learn. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Solver, you can do so here.

We love to work with curious, thoughtful designers and developers

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