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Creating solutions for big consumer problems and wildly innovative ideas

Solvers is a full-service international experience design agency. Since 2016, Solvers has helped global companies and growing startups imagine, design, validate and develop websites and apps for big consumer problems and wildly innovative ideas.

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Validate first, then build

Solvers was founded because of a few startling statistics:

  • 70% of innovation projects fail after large sums of money are spent.
  • 80% of products go live with experiences and features that are “nice to have” but not necessary, ballooning the overall budgets and extending deadlines.
  • The cost to make a UX change while a product is in the development stage is 100x more than a change at the design stage and 200% more expensive when the product is live.
  • Every $1 spent on UX, brings in $2 -$100 in return.
  • Frustrated by these figures and knowing there was a way to ensure the success of digital experiences before spending big, Solvers set out to encourage investment in validating the user experience of websites and apps before building the actual solution.

Solvers app design concepts

We believe in a world where digital experiences improve everyday lives. They bring efficiency and enjoyment when used. They encourage physical, social interaction – not detach people from it.

— Kirk Donohoe / Solvers CEO

Our experience design services

Solvers offers a full-range of design and development services that can take you from budding idea to a fully-functioning and successful digital solution. We can take you from idea to prototype, from beta to launch, or from a finished solution to an even better one. Regardless of your needs, we have the tools and expertise to deliver an experience your users already want. We move quickly from project quote to kickoff, with a clear scope and a dedicated, dependable team designing directly for your users. We have a habit of delivering on time. Our digital product design and development expertise includes:


Design Thinking

Design Thinking Workshop, Design Sprint, Service Design, Solvers Solution Acceleration Programs, Fit for Future Workshop


Product Design

Product Design, Digital Prototyping, UX Design, UI Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Branding


UX Research

User Testing, Focus Groups, User Research, Usability Testing, UX Audit


Product Development

Web Development, Web Application Development, Landing Page Development, APIs, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Mobile Development, Mobile App Development, AR Development, AI Development, VR Development, IoT Development, Wearable Development

UX Designer working at computer with Solvers sign behind him UX Designers working on computer in Solvers office

We sell certainty - validation as a service

At Solvers, we offer validation as a service - an approach we use to ensure users already want the solutions we design, before we begin to build. We validate the user experience of our solutions by involving our clients and their users in the design process - allowing the users to guide the way. Based on user research, we create digital prototypes and user test with real customers to gather feedback and iterate until we have a user-approved solution. By actively involving users in the experience design process, when we move into the development phase we are certain we are building experiences users already love. You can learn more about our user-centered approach here.

Experts in financial services, retail, e‑commerce and media & entertainment

Since 2016 we have created more than 50 digital prototypes and launched 5 products for brands such as Mastercard, British Airways, American Express, PC Financial, Belkin and Dubai Opera. We have deep industry expertise in financial services, retail, eCommerce and media and entertainment and have created subscription as a service solutions for national retailers, challenger banks for big financial institutions, in-flight media and entertainment platforms for global airlines and more.

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