Building great experiences is hard.
Working with Solvers is easy!

Solvers is a full-service international experience development agency who operate wherever there is the internet. We set out in 2016 on a mission to create simply brilliant experiences. Since then, we have helped global brands and growing startups imagine, reimagine, brand, design, validate and build websites and digital products for big consumer problems and wildly innovative ideas.

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We believe small teams build great things.

So, we too operate in small teams that submerse themselves in the problem you’re trying to solve and the solution you’re trying to create.

We do

Design Audits
UI Design
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Today, if you build, they will certainly not come; unless you’re an existing big brand and even then it isn’t guaranteed. A strategy engagement with Solvers goes deep to define the reason why you exist, develops an understanding of who you’re trying to serve and the market complexities of serving them such as regulation, competition, technology, and customer habits. We achieve this by defining or advancing your vision, mission, and purpose as a brand. Our team of strategy consultants are ex founders, design thinkers, subject matter experts in Fintech, Commerce and Media and most importantly good honest humans who care about solving significant problems and ultimately producing great value for humans. They get it and know how to help you get it too!


We see brands as complex, living organisms. They require protection, the right amount of nutrients, time in the sun and the ability to attract other organisms so they can develop and exist sustainably. With this view, we approach branding harmoniously and design for every brand touchpoint and human sense applicable; how the brand looks, feels, smells, communicates, occupies space and even tastes. We deliver brand books that speak to both the how-to and the how not to of a brand. Our brand designers work with repositioning existing brands to accommodate a change in their product portfolio and also design net new startup or challenger brands the live independently or intend to be integrated into a parent brand in the future.

Design Audits

80% of new products and experiences fail as a result of feature creep, usability and accessibility issues or simply because the solution is in search of a problem (not solving a problem!). Through frustration with design issues being found late in a product development cycle, and the costs associated with changing design decisions late in development (200-300% the cost of changing at the design stage) Solvers has developed a proprietary Design Audit and experience scoring system called S.core. We’re regularly consulted by some of the World’s biggest brands to run our Design Audit programme against work-in-progress or live products. The result of our Design Audit is an S.core which informs our customer of usability, accessibility, customer satisfaction and opinions (NPS) and general best practice downfalls in their product and recommends how to improve such weaknesses. We even wrote a best practice handbook for producing user validated products and experiences – check it out.

UI Design

-UX, UI, Visual Design, etc. are too limiting terms to describe what’s necessary to produce great interfaces. Creating great interfaces, that support simply-brilliant experiences involves multi-disciplinary design – not generalist but specialists in interaction design, graphic design, experience design and technology. Our team of multi-disciplinary designers, across the world, have designed some of the worlds most loved experiences enjoyed by circa 500 million people across the globe. Our designers are fanatic about uncovering the problem, wants and needs of the user and mindful of environmental, anthropological and psychological effects which might impact the value of an experience. We’re a design-led agency – our creative directors define success for each experience and the boundaries to achieve it.


The Solvers technology team are deep subject matters in finance, commerce and media technologies. They're passionate about building both fast proof of concepts and scalable products anchored in robustness and security. Our dedicated team covers full-stack technology sets and support the build of the core backend systems, the integration of platforms, microservices layers, and business and consumer-facing web, mobile, wearable and IoT applications. Experienced Technology Directors with a combined 50 years of experiences building payments, IoT, mobility, commerce startups and corporate R&D/lab ventures direct the full stack team of software and hardware developers. When our technologists are not building complex solutions for clients, they're contributing to Open Source technologies, building automation and optimisation apps for smart creatives in Solvers Labs or doing non-for-profit hacks for great causes.

Our clients

PC Financial
British Airways

Dubai Opera

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What clients say?

From making sketched wires come to live and look and function so sleek to the speed of their responses, Solvers were spot on right from the start and easily incorporated everything that was essential to us.

Magali Vander Vorst / Mastercard

It’s rare for a partner to try to reduce the scope of a concept, but Solvers thought us that less is more when creating a great user experience and the final product indeed proof that.

Olivia Noonan / Payzone

Without their pursuit to uncover the real wants and needs of our customers, the successful solution we have today wouldn’t exist.

David Attard / Loblaws

From day one, they brought ideas, experience, and great passion to the project. The collaboration was as good as the final product.

Karol Keane / Airbnb
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