What is Solvers?

Solvers is an experience design agency that specializes in creating websites and apps for brave global brands and ambitious growing startups. With a team of more than 30 digital designers and developers based in Dublin, London, Prague, Toronto, and New York we work collaboratively with clients all over the world to create the next big thing together.

We work with our clients to prove new ideas, create and validate new solutions and improve existing solutions using what we have come to know as “validation as a service” –  the process we use to validate the user experience, or ensure users actually desire the solution, before we build. Unlike other agencies that rush straight to build, we create user validated experiences by designing for our clients and their users. We help our clients directly connect to the needs of their users through user research, integrated user testing and prototyping – testing early and often with real people to gather feedback about our designs. This forms a co-creation triangle of Solvers, our clients and their users so that we stay in touch with business and user needs throughout the entire process.In our experience, working like this improves the effectiveness, performance and acceptance of the solutions we are designing by the intended users. By doing this we create more than just websites and apps, we create experiences users already want.  

“Would you contract a builder to build you a house without ever looking at an architect’s drawings or a model of your house to be? “Then why do that with your digital solutions?”

Kirk Donohoe // Solvers CEO

Advantages of prototyping

In our experience, asking people what they want or need can be helpful, and structured data is powerful, but a working prototype produces a layer of insight you can’t get any other way. Lots of companies build great digital solutions, but we want to create tools that help people solve their problems, and we want them to tell us the truth about how we’re doing. That’s why digital prototyping is the backbone of what we do at Solvers.

Our prototyping mindset and dedication to validating the user experience means that every prototype we design, whether for a new or existing solution, is aligned with real human needs. Designing prototypes that are aligned with real needs, allows us to create solutions that are useful and usable, but we just can’t help wanting to create things that are beautiful, too. Plus, our prototypes are significantly better and 10 times cheaper than other companies – and we’re much faster. You can read more about our approach to prototyping here.

Product Development –
We bring your solutions to life!

At Solvers, we don’t stop at digital prototyping. We can take you all the way from your consumer problem to a fully functional solution which customers already want. And what’s unique about Solvers is that we only build solutions we are confident our clients and their users are going to love. That’s why we only enter the development phase after we have designed a user-validated prototype – and never a second before.

Our dedicated team of developers work tirelessly to bring your solutions to life. Our developers specialize in a variety of digital product development services, ranging from web, mobile app and wearable app development to development for emerging technologies such as IoT, AR and VR. You can learn more about what our product developers do here.

Working with Solvers

A new or improved solution is no good if not everyone in the decision chain is on board. With this in mind, we help get all stakeholders rapidly aligned with the solution’s value proposition and goals by kicking off every engagement with a Design Thinking Workshop. This commitment to our clients success has lead us to work with companies such as Mastercard, International Airlines Group, Loblaws Corporation, AirBnB, Dubai Opera and Bank of Montreal. We’ve helped them design and develop everything from the future of in-flight commerce and entertainment to digital-first banking. Our work with these clients has allowed us to develop deep industry expertise in financial services, media and entertainment and ecommerce, and we are eager to create the next big thing in these industries together.

If you’d like to learn more about Solvers, you can contact us here.