We assemble great minds to design experiences that accelerate businesses and enhance customers' lives.

We assemble great minds to design experiences that accelerate businesses and enhance customers' lives.

Our mission is to fix and simplify how solutions are built by validating ideas before they become products through rapid prototyping and user testing.

Our Project Principles


One team on one prototype until delivery

A dedicated and focused prototype team of designers and developers working every day with the client to deliver their highest ambitions.


Senior leadership getting hands dirty on all projects

Design, technical and product directors appointed to every project to run the team and engage directly with the client, ensuring the client is an integral part of the team and process.


Design more, manage less, always over deliver!

From day 1 of the project to the final delivery of the prototype we’re designing, customer testing, iterating and refining.

Our Principles


We always build prototypes from our designs and test them on target users

Whether it is the design of a new idea, the launch of complete solution or improvement of an existing, our designs are created to achieve the truth about customer wants, needs and pain points.


80% of our time is spent designing and 20% spent attracting the worlds best talent to come design with us!

We allow our talent to create their own work environment and relationship with Solvers based on their mastery, autonomy, and purpose work goals. Our mandate, an employee should always leave Solvers smarter and better than when they joined us.


Automate and optimise whatever task possible that doesn’t affect the quality of the end solution

Remove unnecessary project management, administration, communication, and governance so our talents' time is optimised for design and our clients only pay for work towards the end solution.






Innovation & Strategy Designers

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